Planning & Economic Opportunity

The Planning Department has resumed regularly scheduled meetings, with social distancing procedures applied, since July 2020. Please keep in mind that we are in a declared state of emergency and all time frames will be tolled if we are unable to conduct public hearings. 

Please check back here periodically for the most up-to-date information and don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email if you have any questions.


The Department of Planning and Economic Opportunity:

  • Provides technical planning support to the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager, and other County departments
  • Performs the daily operations associated with the implementation of the Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan and are the point of entry for site plan review and other applications for development orders
  • Encourages the provision of capital infrastructure required to accommodate new growth
  • Liaisons with advisory boards, governmental agencies, and the private sector to position the County to capitalize on economic development opportunities in keeping with desired quality of life
  • Maintains a demographic profile of Nassau County
  • Provides information on the County’s development standards and procedures to developers, investors, and the general public

Visit the links at left to learn more about the variety of planning projects and initiatives underway in Nassau County.

Planning and Economic Opportunity Accomplishments and Goals

2019/2020 Accomplishments and 2020/2021 Goals

2018/2019 Accomplishments and 2019/2020 Goals

2017/2018 Accomplishments and 2018/2019 Goals

Congrats to the PEO Team for winning Outstanding Public Participation Award from the First Coast Chapter of the Florida Planning and Zoning Association for work on the Western Nassau Heritage Preservation project. 

The Nassau County PEO Department is pleased to share that the County won a 2018 American Planning Association-Florida Best Practices Award for work on the William Burgess Overlay District. One of only nine statewide awards in 2018, the Overlay is intended to utilize the built environment to promote strong social ties and the cultivation of community, highlight Nassau’s railroad history to facilitate an authentic sense of place experience, and take advantage of multi-modal transportation opportunities in a growing part of Yulee.


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