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Nassau Conservation Lands Acquisition and Management Nomination

  1. Nomination Information

    All nomination information is required for submittal

  2. Please input the name of the property

  3. Please input the Tax Parcel ID(s)

  4. Proposed Purchase Type*

    Please select the appropriate proposed purchase type

  5. Please indicate the size of the property in acres

  6. Please indicate which city or town the property is located in if any. 

  7. Nominator Name
  8. Committed Match* Funding Available?*

    *Committed Match: Funds are available and have been committed to this project.

  9. Please enter the Committed Match Funding Amount in USD

  10. If proposed boundaries are not the tax parcels, please attach a map with proposed boundaries indicated.

  11. Please attach an up to one (1) page explanation of why you think the property is an excellent addition to Nassau County Conservation Lands. Please include any other maps or images which support your argument up to a further three (3) pages.

  12. Land Owner Information

    Land Owner information is optional but appreciated for submittal

  13. The Nassau County Conservation Lands Acquisition and Management Program is a willing seller only program that solely deals with lands willingly sold by participating landowners. Lands will not be condemned, nor landowners improperly compelled to enroll themselves in the program. Landowners participating in the nomination process may get extra points in the property rankings.

  14. Land Owner Participation

    Is the landowner participating in the nomination?

  15. As the landowner are you willing to donate a portion of the value of the sale of a conservation easement or of your property? Landowners donating a portion of the value may be able to achieve significant income tax deductions for their gift. Landowners donating a portion of the value may also be able to increase their ranking.

  16. Property Sale Donation

    Are you willing to donate a portion of the Property Sale Value?

  17. What is the amount you are seeking in the sale? (Staff will compare that amount to the property tax appraised value)

  18. Leave This Blank:

  19. This field is not part of the form submission.