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CLAM Committee Application

  1. Related to the activities of the Committee to which appointment is sought (please feel free to attach additional documentation):
  2. (please feel free to attach additional documentation):
  3. Have you served on a City, County, or any other public advisory body in the past?
  4. (please feel free to attach additional documentation)
  5. Candidates at a minimum should have skills, expertise or demonstrable experience that relate to the acquisition of conservation lands. An ideal candidate will have experience in at least two of the categories below, or ten years of experience in at least one: natural resource management and biology, agriculture and forestry, community planning, environmental engineering or civil engineering where their work has been in stormwater or green infrastructure projects, and environmental regulations, land use law, or commercial real estate in so far that it has dealt in vacant, rural lands. You must be a Nassau County resident.
  6. Do you meet the minimum professional experience to serve on the CLAM Committee:
  7. If yes, please provide a resume and narrative describing how your education, training and/or experiences meet the requisite standard. Nassau County may request additional documentation to support your experiences and education. By submitting the application above, I agree to attend meetings in accordance with the adopted policies of the Conservation Land Acquisition and Management Committee. If at any time my business or professional interests conflict with the interests of the Committee, I will recuse myself from deliberations. I also agree to comply with the requirements of the Florida Sunshine Law.
  8. Please place all supporting documentation into one zip file or combined PDF before upload
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