Why does it take so long to resolve a Code Enforcement violation?
Upon receiving a complaint of suspected violation, Nassau County will not correct the violation but will give the violator due process. This means the overall decision must be fair. The violator must receive notice of what we intend to do and why, and an opportunity to correct the violation. Code enforcement, by law, is not a speedy process. However, to better serve you, our investigators will conduct initial inspections within a couple of days, but no later than five business days from the date the complaint was received.

The timeframe to correct violations can vary. Many times, the violator will receive a written or verbal courtesy notice. If the violation is not corrected within a reasonable time, Code Enforcement will issue a formal notice of violation. Normally, we allow 30 days to correct a code enforcement violation. This notice will specify the type of violation and time allowed to gain compliance.

When possible, we work with the violator to educate and allow sufficient time to correct the situation. Therefore, subsequent extensions of time to correct a Code violation may be granted by the Code Enforcement Director should the violator demonstrate progress towards correcting the violation. If the violator fails to demonstrate progress towards correcting the violation, he/she could be sent to Code Enforcement Board where fines can be assessed against their property.

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