Amelia Island Tree Protection and Replacement Plan

The Amelia Island Tree Protection Working Group has completed its fact finding mission and has drafted an ordinance modifying Sections 37.02, 37.05, and Article 32 of the Land Development Code. Proposed changes to development regulations in Section 37.02 apply only to the unincorporated areas of Amelia Island and are intended to preserve and enhance the unique maritime forest which benefits the health, safety and general well-being of the inhabitants of Amelia Island. 

Click here to see Section 37.02 LDC as it currently exists (Section 37.02 applies to Native Tree Canopy Protection for unincorporated Amelia Island only) 

Click here to see Article 37.02 Tree Ordinance to be presented to the PZB on October 2, 2018

Changes to Land Development Code Sections 35.09, 37.05 and Article 32 including updates to other landscaping requirements and definitions were adopted on October 19, 2018.

Ordinance 2018-35: Changes to SR200/A1A Access Management Overlay

Ordinance 2018-36: Changes to Landscaping Code

Additional Information:

- Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council 2017 List of Invasive Plant Species

Quattlefield and A1A reduced rEMOVED

Our native canopy has communal benefits that preserve health, safety and general well-being of the inhabitants of Amelia Island, including storm protection, stormwater storage and treatment, soil stabilization and strengthening, and serve to counter heat island effects.

Questions or comments? Please submit to us either through this comment card or by emailing: 

Sue Ann Alleger at or by phone: (904) 530-6300