Effective May 1st, 2022 - New Requirements for Grading Permits

New Requirements for Residential Rough-in Inspections 4-11-2022

2022 Holiday Schedule

Current Mobility / Impact Fees - Effective May 1, 2022

Updated Permitting Procedures 1/19/2023

Private Provider Plan Review and Inspections - revised March 2021

Click the following to see the Building Departments Private Provider Plan Review and Inspections, if you have any questions, call our office at 904-530-6250.

Current Codes in Effect - December 31, 2020

On-line Payment / Credit Card - E-Check

Building Department is now accepting payments on-line via Credit Card or E-Checks between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

***Payments made after 4:00 pm will not be accepted.  

Click the link above for on-line instructions.  


New Fee Schedule for Review of Applications Filed

Press Release - New Fees Pursuant to the Land Development Code - effective June 24, 2019,  Consolidated Fee Schedule for the Engineering Services Department and Department of Planning & Economic Opportunity.

Exhibit A - Consolidated Fee Schedule

Contractor Renewal  

The attached list shows when Contractor trades and dates they are due to renew.  Contractor List

Resolution No. 2018-61

May 1, 2018
A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners Proclaiming MAY 2018 as Building Safety Month in Nassau County, Florida.

“Get Ready for Building Safety Month”

April 13, 2018
Building Safety Month (BSM) is a public awareness campaign celebrated by jurisdictions worldwide during the month of May for the past 38 years to help individuals, families and businesses understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures. The campaign reinforces the need for the adoption of modern, regularly-updated building codes, a strong and efficient system of code enforcement and a well-trained, professional workforce to maintain the system.

Contractor Deposit Accounts

Contractor deposit/escrow accounts can be established with the Nassau County Building Department. These accounts may be used for permit fees, re-inspection fees, and licensing renewals in lieu of check, cash, or money order. Contact the Nassau County Building Department for a deposit/escrow account form and additional information at 904-530-6250.

Swimming Pool Safety Inspection

JUNE 24, 2010

Effective July 1, 2010 a Swimming Pool Safety Inspection must be completed after all components of the required barrier system have been installed in compliance with State Statute 515 and Florida Residential Code Chapter 41, Section R4101.19 prior to filling the pool with water.

Ordinance No.2011-14

July 25th, 2011

Exemption of single family residences who perform their own construction of porches, decks, patios and storage sheds on their property; The building should not exceed (250) two hundred and fifty square feet in area. The owner must reside at the single-family residence or mobile home. Call office for more information.