Alert Nassau - Citizen Alerts

Our Alert Nassau Citizen Alerts system is part of the Alert Florida Statewide Notification System, a mass notification tool that lets public safety officials rapidly warn the population about imminent or sudden hazards via phone, text message, email, social media, and mobile apps.

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Residents, business owners, and visitors who want to receive these local alerts must "Opt-In" via the secure Alert Nassau Citizen Alerts website and provide their personal contact and location information.

NOTE:  All Weather Alerts are sent directly from the National Weather Service (NWS) as they are issued.  If you do not want to be notified via all of your contact methods when the NWS issues the warning (day or night), do not check those boxes OR choose only the App, email, and text alerts.  ALSO - the system will ask you to CONFIRM RECEIPT of critical alerts, otherwise it will continue to try to reach you via each method!  (Listen to the entire message first, then Press 1 when told to do so to confirm receipt, or follow the text/email instructions to confirm.)

  • Choose a username and password you will remember - you will need them to log back into Citizen Alerts to make changes.  Use the "forgot password" link on the website’s login page to reset it.
  • Provide a local physical 9-1-1 street address - DO NOT use out-of-town or P.O. Box addresses.
    You will receive alerts pertaining to that location even if you aren't there - if you move or travel, you have to log in and edit your account or the alerts will continue.
  • Expand the Weather Alerts option and use the check-boxes to choose the conditions for which you want to be notified by the National Weather Service - more than 100 separate weather alerts are available - uncheck the boxes you don't want!

Provide the ways you want to be alerted - cell phone number, email address, etc. - in the order you want them to be used.
The system will go down the list to try to reach you until you confirm receipt of the message. If you don't want phone calls, don't provide a phone number or specify "text".

If you have difficulties getting your alerts established, or if you want to test the system with a personal test alert, please call Emergency Management at 904-548-0900.

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