Vendor Registration

To be added to the County's vendor list, please complete the vendor application form. Applications can be printed for your convenience. Applications may be submitted via fax or regular mail. The vendor application and related documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

Once the application is received, the information is entered into our database. Please be sure to enter the commodity or service codes on the application. The commodity/service codes are also available as downloadable documents.

If your firm has any changes to company name, representative, address, phone numbers, etc., please let us know to keep your information current.

What the County buys...

It is helpful to look at the functions of the County in determining what it must purchase to fill its needs. The County operates:

Buildings and institutions, which require maintenance equipment and supplies, plumbing and electrical supplies, lights and controls, heating and air conditioning equipment, carpets, draperies and floor tile.

Offices, which require furniture, data automation equipment, office machines and supplies, filing, printing and mailing equipment.

Parks and grounds, which require off-the-road equipment, tools, and machinery, fencing, seed and plantings and fertilizer.

Car and truck fleets, which require fuel and oil, replacement parts, tires, batteries and body and engine services.

Highways which require road materials, signs, markers and maintenance equipment.

In addition, Contract Management is involved with the procurement and contracting for, building construction and repairs, public works construction or repair projects, professional and personal services, technical services, rentals or leases of real property.


Vendor Application

List the 5-Digit Commodity Code Number(s) which identify the products/services offered by your company. These codes determine which notifications your company will receive when solicitations are issued. Please do not choose any codes that end in -00.

Commodity Code List

If you or your organization has any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our office. All contact information for Contract Management and Purchasing can be found on our Contract Management Purchasing Page.