Doing Business with Nassau County

Competition is the key to doing business with Nassau County.  Most awards are made on the basis of the lowest bid and most responsible, reliable vendor who will provide the best value to the citizens of Nassau County.

All vendors must be competitive and demonstrate that they will provide the best quality at the best value.  The County deals primarily with manufacturers and wholesalers and strives to purchase at highly competitive prices.  Please read all solicitation documents carefully!  The County strives to be as explicit and provide as much information about a solicitation that it possibly can to best enable respondents to provide the most thorough response possible.

We encourage all vendors to read the price requests and invitations carefully and to be sure they can comply with all the requirements before responding.  If something is unclear or other complications arise, vendors should contact Nassau County Procurement as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the bid due date or opening!

Most procurement actions with a dollar value over $5,000 but less than $50,000 will be bid by Procurement informally.  Most of these will be done via email, whenever possible.  Those procurements over $50,000 require formal solicitations and must be submitted as a sealed response with original signatures.  All vendors responding to formal solicitations will be advised in writing if they receive an award for a solicitation to which they have responded.

All solicitation documents are public record and will be available for inspection immediately after the solicitation process has concluded and an award issued.