Solid Waste


The Nassau County Solid Waste Management Department’s efforts are focused on quality customer service and on the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided.

Municipal solid waste (MSW), also called urban solid waste, is a waste type that includes predominantly household waste (domestic waste) with sometimes the addition of commercial wastes collected by a municipality within a given area. They are in either solid or semisolid form and generally exclude industrial hazardous wastes.


The mission of the Nassau County Solid Waste Management Department is:

  • To provide a Convenience Recycling Center for the collection and disposal of solid waste and recyclables for the citizens of Nassau County 
  • To manage an environmentally sound recycling program that includes tires, white goods, aluminum, glass, steel, plastic and newspaper
  • To properly monitor and maintain the closed landfills
  • To efficiently and effectively close the West Nassau Landfill

Annual Report

2022 Nassau County, Florida - Annual Report - Solid Waste


January 2024 Department Newsletter