Road Department


Nassau County Road Department currently maintains 345.5miles of paved roads and 176.5 miles of dirt roads. Road Department also maintains 43 bridges. We have five divisional budgets and 75 positions.

Nassau County Road Department performs a variety of repairs and
maintenance to roads, including:

  • Road grading and Road Maintenance
  • Pothole repair / patching
  • Culvert / ditch cleaning
  • Right of way mowing
  • Outfall / retention pond maintenance

Road Department FY 2019 Accomplishments and FY 2020 Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of Nassau County Road Department is to:

  • Provide quality services, within available resources, to the citizens of Nassau County Florida in a timely and efficient manner
  • Maintain and upgrade the roads and bridges of Nassau County according to statutes of the State of Florida
  • Provide these services, as well as to support the Board of County Commissioners in their duties and responsibilities to the citizens of Nassau County Florida

Road Department Projects