Road Department


Nassau County Road Department currently maintains 345.5miles of paved roads and 176.5 miles of dirt roads. We have five divisional budgets and 67 positions.Nassau County Road Department performs a variety of repairs and
maintenance to roads, including:

  • Road grading and Road MaintenanceReggie Popham
  • Culvert / ditch cleaning100_0010
  • Right of way mowingIMG_0075
  • Outfall / retention pond maintenancefile3

Mission Statement

The mission of Nassau County Road Department is to:

  • Provide quality services, within available resources, to the citizens of Nassau County Florida in a timely and efficient manner
  • Maintain and upgrade the roads of Nassau County according to statutes of the State of Florida
  • Provide these services, as well as to support the Board of County Commissioners in their duties and responsibilities to the citizens of Nassau County Florida