Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance

Nassau County Housing Strategy: Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance
Down payment and closing cost assistance is available to those meeting eligibility requirements. The assistance is in the form of a deferred loan secured by a second mortgage that is forgivable at the end of 10 years. Should the property be sold, title transferred, or the house is no longer the eligible applicant’s primary residence within the deferred loan period, the loan amount is due and payable in full.

The amount of award is dependent on income classification and is reflected in the table below.

Income Classification
Assistance Maximum Allowed
Home Purchase Price
Maximum Possible Award
Very Low or Extremely Low 30% of Purchase Price $359,263 $102,747
Low 25% of Purchase Price $359,263
Moderate 20% of Purchase Price $359,263 $68,495

For more information or questions please contact SHIP at (904) 530-6020.