Management & Budget

Responsibilities The Management and Budget Division is responsible for developing and implementing sound fiscal practices to effectively allocate and use scarce resources to meet operating and capital needs of today, while anticipating the implications on future fiscal periods.

FY2020/2021 Budget
Adopted Budget
Variance Analysis
Variance Analysis Presentation 7/01/2020
Budgeting Basics Presentation 6/02/2020

Impact & Mobility Fee Balances and Commitments
2020 Moody’s Bond Rating Report
2017 Fitch Bond Rating Report
2015 Fitch Bond Rating Report
FY 2018-19 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
Financial Policies-Resolution 2020-181
Fleet Replacement Program

FY 2020-21 through FY 2024-25 Capital Improvement Plan
Capital Improvement Plan