Public Lands Inventory

Background and Long Term Impact

In accordance with F.S.125.379, every 3 years, each county shall prepare an inventory list of all real property within its jurisdiction to which the county holds fee simple title that is appropriate for use as affordable housing. The inventory list must include the address and legal description of each such real property and specify whether the property is vacant or improved. The governing body of the county must review the inventory list at a public hearing and may revise it at the conclusion of the public hearing. The governing body of the county shall adopt a resolution that includes an inventory list of such property following the public hearing. 

The properties identified as appropriate for use as affordable housing on the inventory list adopted by the county may be offered for sale and the proceeds used to purchase land for the development of affordable housing or to increase the local government fund earmarked for affordable housing, or may be sold with a restriction that requires the development of the property as permanent affordable housing, or may be donated to a nonprofit housing organization for the construction of permanent affordable housing. Alternatively, the county may otherwise make the property available for use for the production and preservation of permanent affordable housing.

There may be a finding by resolution that no lands are suitable for affordable housing at the time of inventory. 

The list will be reevaluated every three years to maintain compliance with F.S.125.379 and to better serve citizens. 

Public Lands Inventory - Resolution 2023-113

At their regular meeting on May 22nd, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners voted to adopt by Resolution 2023-113, the public lands inventory. Information can be found below on items related to this inventory.