TDC Sponsorship Funding Policy


The Nassau County Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) and the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council (TDC) believes that special events are vital to the successful development of Amelia Island as a year-round tourist destination. A significant role of the TDC’s marketing effort is developing new offerings that enhance this mission. In general, the TDC may support events whose primary purpose is the generation of additional room nights at Amelia Island lodging facilities and/or support of the Amelia Island brand. The collection of additional Tourist Development Taxes (TDTs) generated by overnight stays, along with additional sales tax collected on meals, retail items, admissions, etc. enhances the local economy. Sponsorship of an event does not limit the TDC’s ability to conduct separate marketing for said event or to conduct marketing for events which may not receive a sponsorship.


Attached is the TDC Sponsorship Policy that sets forth the guidelines for requests for sponsorship from TDTs. Applications for TDT sponsorship will be accepted from qualified organizations that plan to invest in projects in the destination, and that have been shown to attract out-of-town publicity or have the potential to attract visitors who will occupy overnight accommodations on Amelia Island. Events may also include a subsection of sports related events where the event producer resides either inside or outside of Nassau County, but the event will take place on Amelia Island or within Nassau County.

Section 125.0104 5(A)3, Florida Statutes states, if tax revenues are expended for an activity, service, venue, or event, the activity, service, venue, or event must have as one of its main purposes the attraction of tourists as evidenced by the promotion of the activity, service, venue, or event to tourists.


Organizations or governmental entities hosting events that showcase tourism drivers and attributes of Amelia Island such as nature, culture and heritage, culinary, beach, wellness, performing arts or sports, are eligible to apply for support. TDC will consider funding requests from organizations identified by Section 125.0104, Florida Statute as legitimate expenses for bed-tax funds. Agreements between an organization and the BOCC will define the performance requirements.


Each event or project host/organizer applying for sponsorship will be required to submit the Event or Project Sponsorship Funding Application during the annual sponsorship application process. Applications will be accepted beginning June 1. The deadline for applications is June 30 for consideration of support in the next fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). All applications shall be reviewed by the CVB during the months of July and August. The application must be submitted to the TDC Managing Director by e-mail ( or mailed/hand delivered to 1750 South 14th Street, Suite 200, Amelia Island, FL 32034. The application and associated guidelines can be located in the TDC Sponsorship Policy. 


Questions? Please contact Mariela Murphy at (904) 277-4639 or via e-mail at