Reports & Studies

Nassau County Transit Study

Cover- Nassau County Transit Study The purpose of the Nassau County Transit Study was to determine public transportation needs and opportunities, and to explore and recommend bus transit options. Similar to many places in Florida and across the country, there are people within the County who either do not have good access to transportation or would prefer additional transportation options. Recognizing these challenges, the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) in coordination with Nassau County completed the Nassau County Transit Study.

Cover- Nassau County Transit Study

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SR A1A/SR 200 Corridor Study

Cover- SR A1A/SR 200 Corridor Study The purpose of the SR A1A/SR 200 Corridor Study is to identify operational and access management improvements and priorities needed to support all modes of transportation including roadway capacity, public transit, and bicycle/pedestrian movements. One of the goals is to maintain the traffic flow over time, even as volumes increase. The study considers short-term improvements that can be done prior to or in conjunction with the widening of the roadway now under way. However, the primary focus of the study is on long range improvements that are appropriate for the projected 2035 population of 100,000. The study identified and evaluated opportunities for enhanced connectivity, both of land use and transportation within the corridor.

Cover- SR A1A/SR 200 Corridor Study

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For more information please contact the Nassau County Planning and Economic Opportunity Department at 904-530-6300.