Nassau County Growth Trends Reports

2020 Growth Trends Report

While 2020 has been anything but typical, the fact remains that Nassau stands at the precipice of change.  A change that will descend upon the community with or without blessing. Nassau County ranked as the 40th fastest-growing county by percent growth for counties in the U.S. with a population over 10,000.  The growth rate places Nassau in the top 1.5% of all counties in the Country.

According to the US Census Bureau, within the State of Florida, Nassau ranked as the 5th fastest growing county from 2018-2019 (by %). For counties in the State with a population over 80,000, Nassau ranked 2nd fastest growing (by %) following only behind St. Johns County. 

However, unlike many communities, Nassau has been granted an opportunity that most never had, an opportunity to actively craft their future. The question remains: What will we do with the opportunity? 

In this era of transition it is crucial that we promote a collaborative, inclusive and community-based approach to governance that places quality-of-life and generational sustainability at the apex of decision making. We must place people at the center of planning, policy and design decisions. In doing so, champion an agenda that values maintaining the unique character of Nassau so that generations to come will know the place we have all come to love. Ultimately, Nassau is what we make it. 

2019 Growth Trends Report

Nassau County stands on the precipice of change. A change that will descend upon the community with or without blessing. According to the latest population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, Nassau grew by 3.6% last year ranking as the twenty-fifth fastest growing county, by percent growth in the U.S. Over the coming decade, BEBR predicts Nassau will be the ninth fastest growing county in FL with a projected population expansion of 38% resulting in over 114,000 people calling Nassau home.

​The 2019 Growth Trends Report provides updated statistics and information related to existing and historical conditions in Nassau County and comparative trends in the region. Additionally, the report offers a status update to the twelve tools that were originally identified in the 2018 Growth Trends Report and it identifies three new, implementable tools. As initiatives are executed and new challenges arise, the toolbox will reconfigure and grow. 

2018 Growth Trends Report

As Nassau County enters an era of transition we, collectively, have been granted an opportunity that most will never have. An opportunity to actively craft our future. The question is, what will we do with the opportunity?

This report provides twelve tools that will assist in the decision making process as Nassau County moves into this exciting future that we have the power to shape. The provided twelve tools are not intended to be viewed as a comprehensive, all-inclusive or static list, but rather a set of practical tools Nassau County has the current capacity to implement.

This report looks at the existing and historical conditions in Nassau County, compares Nassau County growth trends to the region, delivers predictions and possible trends for our future, and provides implementable tools which can help Nassau County shape its own future.