Stormwater Drainage

The Stormwater Drainage Department's creation in 2022 came from the need for better oversight of the Water Quality and Quantity in Nassau County.

The Run-off Report

Staff is working diligently to comprehensively map the entire stormwater system. This will help better serve citizens with future stormwater flood protection and water quality projects.

The staff works closely with Development Service and the Building Department to review development for applicable regulatory compliance.

Stormwater Specific Permits

Lot Grading
 *Will be in your building permit packet

Grading Permit
*For any construction that doesn't trigger DRC or a building permit

Formboard Elevation Certificate

Have a Maintenance Concern? Visit the Road Department's Page

Floodplain Questions? Visit the Building Departments Flood Page.

Stormwater goes directly into Creeks without being treated. Sewer water goes to a treatment facility

Stormwater runoff occurs when rain or other precipitation flows over hard surfaces like roads.  The water carries pollutants like oils or debris into the system of pipes and ditches. This system is known as the County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The stormwater flows directly from streets and gutters into our rivers, lakes and coastal waters inhabited by plants and animals.