American Beach Cultural Heritage Experience Enhancement Initiative

Updated 10/12/2022

In February 2021 the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners approved funding for a Comprehensive Master Plan for the historic American Beach neighborhood.  The Plan has the following components:

  • Identify Context (boundaries, zoning, history & culture, population & demographics, natural environment, previous studies)
  • Determine Community Needs (walking tours, advisory committee workshops, stakeholder interviews, public listening sessions, community survey)
  • Analyze Public Realm (historic sites, existing/proposed parks, conservation areas), streets, sidewalks, and trails
  • Determine long-range Public Realm Vision (guiding principles, trends, best practices, visioning workshops) 

The County retained a talented team of consultants for this effort including, the late Dr. David Barth, a nationally known parks planner; Ennis Davis, a Jacksonville based cultural planner and urban designer; and Carlos Perez, an Atlanta-based parks planner and urban designer.  The kick-off for this effort was held on April 10, 2021 at the big tent in Burney Park, and after multiple community meetings over the next year, the plan was completed in July, 2022. See link below for master plan.