Protected Canopy Roads

Protected Canopy Roads

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The board of county commissioners may designate roads or portion of said roads as scenic/canopy roads based on the historic, scenic, and ecological significance that they hold. Once designated, restrictions are implemented to limit or prohibit alterations including the removal of trees within the right-of-way, except as set forth in section 37.08 LDC. The Nassau County-Amelia Island Tree Commission may recommend that roads or portion of said roads be considered, or a petition of the lesser of either of fifty-one (51) percent or two hundred (200) of the property owners abutting the road may request that a road be considered.

 Restrictions on scenic/canopy roads.

  1. The county shall not widen or increase the number of lanes on any of the county roads designated as scenic/canopy roads.
  2. Outdoor advertising signs shall be prohibited, except signs advertising residential developments or homes for sale or parcels of property immediately adjacent to the road or subdivision and entryway signs constructed in accordance with the county sign ordinance. On-premises commercial signs, excluding billboards, shall be allowed.
  3. The erection of markers or signage indicating that the road is a scenic/canopy road or historic road shall only be accomplished at the direction of the growth management coordinator or his/her designee with the consent of the board of county commissioners.
  4. Setting and posting of speed limits and warning of restricted roadway shoulders.
  5. Setting of classes of vehicular travel, including weight and height limitations.
  6. Limiting access and width of access.
  7. Tree protection. No trees, except as identified in Florida's Most Invasive Species List, Category I, which have attained a diameter of eight (8) inches or more at a point four and one-half (4½) feet above average ground level within the zone shall be removed, except as provided herein, and trees shall be identified as set forth herein.

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