American Beach Water & Sewer District Contact Information

District Board (Board of County Commissioners)

John F. Martin, Vice-Chairman, District 1

A.M. "Hupp" Huppmann, District 2

Jeff Gray, District 3

Alyson R. McCullough, District 4

Klynt A.Farmer, Chairman, District 5

District Staff, County Manager's Office

Taco E. Pope, AICP, County Manager

Marshall Eyerman, Assistant County Manager

Amy Bell, Administrative Manager 


Katie Brock, Administrative Specialist


For general questions about the American Beach Water and Sewer District, e-mail or call (904) 530-6012.  Please provide your name, contact information and the general nature of your inquiry.  County staff will ensure the appropriate staff will return your call or email.

American Beach Water and Sewer District Boundary Map

Boundary Map