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The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act has authorized more than $2 trillion to counter the impact of COVID-19 and its effects on individuals, families, governments and businesses.

On July 1, 2020, Nassau County received the first part of its CARES allocation - $3,866,095.  It is also eligible for another $11,598,285 on a reimbursement basis.

The Board of County Commissioners has allocated its CARES funding in order to best respond to the needs of Nassau County residents while complying with the CARES Act Requirements. The breakdown of services is as follows:

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Economic Support & Recovery - $3,406,293

Small Business Assistance

  • Funds can only be used for expenses not covered by other resources
  • Business must have 9 or fewer full-time equivalent employees
  • 2019 revenues of less than $1.0 million
  • The business owner must be a Nassau County resident
  • Maximum award per business is $5,000

Safe at Work

  • Funds can be used for unanticipated and unfunded expenses incurred due to COVID-19
  • Includes items such as personal protective equipment (PPE) for businesses, cleaning supplies, or technology enhancements for remote work access

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Public Safety and Public Health Services – these expenditures have countywide benefit - $8,372,369

COVID-19 Expenditure Recovery

  • Decontamination equipment, ventilation improvements, and increased public health prevention measures

Facilities – Operations Improvements

  • Decontamination equipment for public safety vehicles
  • Updated response protocols

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Purchases of PPE for county, constitutional, elected official or municipal personnel

Non-Congregant Sheltering

  • Increased public health prevention measures for non-congregate sheltering

Re-Emergence Preparedness

  • Preparedness for government buildings, facilities, or non-congregate sheltering

Social Services and Resident Needs - $3,406,293

  • Non-Profit Food Stability
  • Non-Profit Support
  • Social Service Agency Assistance

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Reserve for Unmet Needs - $2,537,820

  • In the event of future unexpected needs, such as testing, contract tracing, food stabilization or non-congregate sheltering, the County is able to make adjustments as need to optimize the County’s use of the CARES Act funds