The Special Needs Program

Special Medical and Transportation Needs during Evacuations 

When an evacuation order is given, your best choice is to travel to an area outside of the anticipated impact area. Know Your Zone!

If you have nowhere else to go, emergency public shelters will provide a safe place to "weather the storm." But remember, these shelters can be crowded and uncomfortable, might have no electricity, and have no privacy or secure place to store your things. (think of a "Life Boat vs. Cruise Ship" analogy)

The Special Needs Program is designed for those who:

1) must seek refuge in an emergency public shelter during an evacuation, AND

2) have special medical/functional needs OR require government transportation assistance to a public shelter.

Special Needs Registry - Annual Enrollment 

Residents who wish to participate in the Special Needs Program, for transportation assistance to a public shelter or supplemental medical assistance in a public shelter during a disaster, must enroll and update registration information annually prior to hurricane season (June 1st), even if there have been no status changes.

There are TWO ways to enroll in the Special Needs Registry:

1) On-Line - use the Florida Division of Emergency Management's Secure Registration Tool - individuals can self-register or may have their Home-Health provider or a relative register for them. This is the preferred method of enrollment.

2) On Paper - If unable to enroll online, download, print, complete, and mail this year's paper Special Needs Registration Form to:

NCEM Special Needs Registry
 77150 Citizens Circle
 Yulee, FL 32097

All "medical needs" registrations will be confidentially reviewed by a public health nurse to determine if each enrollee's needs can be met in the Special Needs Shelter. Enrollees may be contacted directly by the reviewing nurse to discuss their care needs. Addresses of enrollees requiring transportation to a public shelter during an evacuation will be mapped to determine bus pick-up routes prior to disaster impact.
Please call the Emergency Operations Center 548-0900 and ask for help with the Special Needs Registry if you have questions.